Letting Go

Vancouver, B. C., Canada has all kinds of public access to oceanfront.  My husband and I have recently discovered a new favourite, the West Vancouver Seawalk.  It's a long drive for us but well worth it.

We've walked it on calm days, low tide and high tide, and it is a lovely and peaceful walk.  But not long ago we tried it on a windy day at high tide and experienced a fun, wave-dodging walk that left me filled with joy.

At one point I saw a 'rogue wave' coming right for me and in dodging it nearly collided with a man walking the opposite way and also trying to dodge the wave.  We suddenly became the best of friends, he and his wife sharing a good laugh with my husband and I.

All in, the fast walk and the shared adventure left me feeling more light-hearted than I had felt in a while.  Water represents the element of emotion within us.  Any time spent near water will settle unsettled emotion or lift depressed emotion.  The right water environment for the circumstances also helps.

It is also helpful to realize that the way we feel is a choice we make with our thinking.  Take anger, for example.  Anger can really seem to take us over so that we end up dumping it on someone (or someones) else.  If, instead, we train ourselves to notice our anger, we can change our thinking about it, before we act out.

One good way to change our thinking is to do something that makes us feel good or lets us have some fun.  The anger will go, but after it is gone, it is important that we not start thinking about it again.  Nothing external makes us angry.  Anger is fuelled by the thinking we do in response to our world.

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