Time Is A Matter Of Focus

If time is not linear, and even science now says that it is not, then this might explain something that puzzles me—how psychic ability works.  I know some gifted psychics capable of accurately predicting the future.  Yet I don't believe there is a solid reality out there waiting to be predicted.  Instead, I believe we are dreaming this reality, thus creating our future.

I read, but I tell my clients I do not read to predict.  To tell them that a particular reality is coming toward them is to help them create that reality.  I would much rather help them work to wake up from this dream.  Part of that process is finding their power within it.

I believe what I believe because of both education and experience.  Yet I have still wondered, if a gifted psychic can predict the dream, how can they be doing so.  It seemed like either their perception of things was right or mine was.  Since I live to learn the truth about things I had to figure this out.

I've held this area of inquiry open for quite some time.  Then a couple of weeks ago something triggered in me a perceptual experience of time.  Instead of seeing it as a line stretching out behind and before us, I experienced it all around us all at once and entirely in our consciousness.

If all time exists now, inside our minds then so does all possibility.  We are not aware of this in our everyday lives.  We are taught that time is linear and then we experience time to be linear.  It is part of the dream.  And it is one of many patterns we believe are the sum of our reality.  Those patterns become our future as we dream.

A psychic sees the dream.  But I see beyond it to possibility, including our waking up out of the dream of physical time and space.


Letting Go