A Practical Approach To Seeing A Better World

A little over a year ago a man named Martin Shkreli gained proprietorship of a life-saving drug that can treat malaria and prevent toxoplasmosis infection in those with HIV.  Shkreli then raised the price from $13.50 to $750 per pill.  People were outraged.

Last week a group of Australian students synthesized that same drug and produced a pill with a price of $2.  They did it to make a point.  People are applauding them.

Young people like these truly are our hope for a better world.  There are so many amazing young people on the planet now.

I don't know how to change the world.  And I get discouraged sometimes, thinking that things are so entrenched they can't be changed.

In general I try to focus on my belief that we are dreaming this world.  I don't want to entrench my thinking in the idea of an entrenched world.  A more useful tool for me now is envisioning an evolving world.  But we still have to find balance waking up from dreaming this world while also living in it.

The story of these 17-year-old kids in Australia is a sampling of a practical, positive view of our future.  We need fresh thinking, great ideas, and courage, maybe a little bravado too.

I've read for many young people over the years and every one of them had something special they were meant to do in the world.  They were not here to just join in and support the old regime.  With each and every reading came this sense of change that began fresh all on its own.  The key was innovation not revolution.

Letting Go

Seeing A Better World