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Image of Earth set inside a marble, taken from  Star Talk  with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Image of Earth set inside a marble, taken from Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Okay, let's settle down from galaxies into just our one world.  this is the name of Jesse cook's newest compilation, One World.  this week my husband and I saw him and his band on their One World tour.  My husband, older than me, and I'm not so young, had never heard of Jesse Cook.  This is probably because his music is defined as 'new age.'  I would run across it but my husband would not.

But I didn't come across Jesse Cook through an interest in new age music.  Instead, I heard the piece he did with Holly Cole, called Fragile.  I believe it was first released in 1998 on Cook's Vertigo compilation.  I became a fan after hearing that piece on the radio, an average fan.  At his performance this week I turned into an avid fan and my husband became an avid fan instantly.

Taste in music is a personal thing but there is something about a live presentation of versatile, excellent, moving music composed by a genius and performed by a group of gifted musicians that can make an avid fan out of anyone.  If you get a chance to see Jesse Cook perform live, take it.  If not, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and internet video you can see some of his music almost performed live.  Check out the Video page on Jesse Cook's website or his official YouTube page, links below.

There is also a link below to Cook's video of Shake, a piece from One World.  It's just Cook, and his percussionist on a video he created himself.  The music is a wonder of peace and joy, but the video further enhances these feelings.  If there is reincarnation and I don't wake up from the dream of living human life here on earth, I want to come back with this much of this kind of talent.

Currently, I have none.  I simply love music, all kinds.  As a thinker, whose mind is always in charge and thinking, thinking, thinking, music has long been my source of living and loving and feeling and connecting.  Jesse Cook's music covers it all.  It is rich and deep and uplifting.  Give a listen.

From the perspective of a galaxy, or galaxies, or universe, our world is small, minuscule really, and very fragile.   Holly Cole and Jesse Cook bring us that recognition.  Listening should help us live and love to our fullest and take better care of our fragile world, dream or not.  From inside our little personal worlds, the bigger world can seem huge and strange and scary.  Jesse Cook's One World can help us realize this does not need to be so.

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