Seeing A Better World

In my last blog I talked about becoming aware of my negativity in response to the U. S. presidential election results.  I let myself be caught up with everyone else, thinking negatively, commenting negatively too.

Yet I espouse spirituality, teach and counsel it no less, and have very strong, generic, spiritual beliefs, the core of which is the understanding that this reality isn't real.  Now, more than ever, it seems critical that I stop making it real by continuing to focus on it.

My research into psychology, spirituality, and science has led me to believe that human consciousness can evolve itself out of this reality.  We wake up from the dream of being here.  It's a process.  And it requires choice, focus, and work.

We don't try to change people, places, situations, events, things, the world.  All are part of the dream.  Instead we work on ourselves.  We're the ones doing the dreaming.  I imagine us evolving our consciousness as we do this, and evolving the world along with us.  After all, the world isn't as solid a place as we think it is, nor the universe.  All is composed of nothing but invisible forces, fields, and particles, all of which came out of nothing in the first place.

I have learned that my thinking is in charge of my feeling and believing, and has clear impact on what happens in my world.  I've witnessed my personal world change in response to my thinking.  And I've experienced a different version of local world than the version experienced by others.

It helps that I keep reading, learning, and living life like a giant lab experiment.  Now I intend to extend the experiment into the larger world.  First, I have to stop seeing it negatively.  Then I have to talk to spirit--Spirit really--and work with white light.  I experiment with this stuff.  The experiment might need some tweaking.

A Practical Approach To Seeing A Better World

White Light