White Light

My last blog was inspired by Lady Gaga's response to Trump's presidential win.  Apparently that night at the Trump Tower in New York she held up a sign that said, 'Love Trumps Hate.'  I learned about this in the November 11th Vancouver edition of the newspaper 24 Hours.  The article by Liz Braun listed the reactions of various celebrities.

It is true that love conquers hate.  I've experienced this for myself but I had forgotten and I thank Liz Braun and Lady Gaga for helping me remember.  When I was reminded that 'love trumps hate' an image came to mind of surrounding Trump with white light.  White light is the perfect generic prayer.

It's not a wish for our personal idea of what's best.  We humans don't really have any idea what's best.  And it's not about wanting control or influence over anything.  It is instead simply a generic recognition that none of this is real, that spirit is what is really real.  It is also an ideal way to focus on our higher beliefs again, find balance again.

This week's blog, too, is inspired by an article in 24 Hours, this time by Shaun Proulx, the November 17th Vancouver edition.  Proulx writes about how the election results have been showing up our true colours.  As a personal example he tells of an Uber driver making a derogatory comment about the First Lady while Proulx and an associate were riding in his car.  Proulx exited the car.

Wow.  I not only have not stood up in that strong a fashion for a higher viewpoint, I have also slid down the slippery slope of judgment myself.  I don't espouse my higher beliefs in every corner of my everyday world.  And I sure have been negative about the U. S. election.

Old habits die hard, and lastly our ways of seeing the world.  It takes work to stop old habits, but first we have to notice them.  We need to change old thinking through education.  It stretches our consciousness.  As to changing old feelings, I find white light works best.  I ask spirit--Spirit really--for help in filling myself with it.  Its magic always works because to me it represents the highest, of everything, period.  White light is all the colours.

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