It's Still Our World

Last week was a tough week.  I ended up battling the blues.  I honoured that for a bit, in the Buddhist way, observing it and letting it pass.  That's Eastern psychology.  Then I added a little Western psychology.  I long ago learned that my thinking will lead my emotions, so I chose a higher point of view.

The bigger world is now a lot less appealing to most of us.  Ultimately we have to remember that none of this is real and it's all about our own consciousness.  Still, for now, it's still our world.  Both spirituality and science tell us that we participate in creating it.  On the physical surface, this is obvious.  Beneath that visible world is also an invisible one and it is influenced by our consciousness.

Western and Eastern psychology can teach us how to observe our minds and gain control of what goes on in there.  If we do not gain control we will simply fall into old patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.

To psychology I add a little Western spirituality because when I go deep within my mind I tap a higher awareness.  It counsels me.  It also helps me counsel others.  It is inside our minds but outside the world, and the universe, maybe at the Big Bang edge of things.  It reminds me that this world is just a dream and that I am the dreamer.  I then settle down and when I do, my world settles too.

We could say that higher guidance leads me to better thinking which leads me to better feeling which leads me to better vibration which leads to a better response in the world.  Sometimes, though, the world is so big, wild, and scary that this is hard to do.  So I ask for higher help.

A generic form of asking is working with light, white light.  It's like prayer, but not the personal kind where we ask for things to go our way.  Instead i surrender to that higher awareness.

One technique I use is to imagine white light, let it fill me and surround me until I'm feeling good and not thinking selfishly, then I let it spread outward.  My me-versus-you, good-versus-bad, right-versus-wrong viewpoint is replaced by trust in a higher reality.  The bonus is that this world's dream reality always shifts in some way too.

White Light

Our World