Science And Spirituality

These days I'm thinking a lot about why science is important to spiritual belief.  Most scientists don't think science supports spirituality at all.

But some scientists are bold enough to share that they, like you and I, sense something greater in this world, or in back of it.  Unlike you and I, however, they have typically gained this sense through the vehicle of their scientific pursuit.

We've talked about crystals and stones earlier in this blog series.  They offer a bridge between thinking scientifically and thinking spiritually about our sense that something greater is going on, something more than meets the eye.

The child in the picture above senses magic in the giant quartz crystal she touches.  This is one of a series of pictures showing part of the display opening late this October at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.  I've included a link to the picture series below.

Check out the other pictures and you will surely agree with this child.  You and I can sense magic in the air and on the screen, thanks to the magnificence of this crystal and the other crystals and minerals on display.

This is the edge of that something greater.  And in the case of crystals, minerals, and stones, science can explain it.

Peabody Gem and Mineral Display


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