Astronomy And Spirituality

Spiral Galaxy NGC 6814 taken from NASA website's summary of Hubble images

Spiral Galaxy NGC 6814 taken from NASA website's summary of Hubble images

I have to confess that not too long ago thinking about galaxies was not a spiritual experience for me.  Science was the last thing I wanted to read about, learn about, know about, or even hear about, and a song like Eric Idle's Galaxy Song wouldn't have lifted or humbled me.  I would have enjoyed it, of course, but that's about it.

I've been open to spirituality for a long time now, working to evolve in that direction, and guiding others also ready to do so.  I knew there were little bits of science that supported what I'd been learning about spirituality.  A new age book or two referenced some of the science.

Then I started writing this blog series to give a bit of an overview on spirit.  New age belief is all over the place and it isn't easy to see the bigger picture.  Many of my clients are frustrated because without deeper and richer understanding they aren't getting anywhere in their spiritual growth.

I haven't yet finished the part of my blog series that explains spirit.  I detoured into science instead.  I found some newer books by some amazing new scientists writing to us everyday folk in everyday language, and I fell in love with science.  I confess I will never understand the real challenging stuff.  I get a brain cramp just thinking about it.

Yet I now love science--all of it.  I'm still working my way through it.  And I haven't finished that part of my blog series either.  But I have never been happier.

I love astronomy most though these days all scientific fields seem to be converging.  We now know that we humans are just a small piece of a whole that is a living planet, the planet a small piece of whole that is a galaxy, and so on.  We understand so much now, thanks to science.

And, scientific or not, all of this is also magical.  And most magical of all is that the magic behind the galaxies, stars, and planets is the same magic behind earth and all life upon her including us humans.  Astronomy for me now is nothing but spiritual.

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