Spirit And Technology

As a representative of science, how is technology important to spiritual belief?  Well, as I said last week, tech like internet tech offers the opportunity for practice balance.  It also offers proof  there is something more going on than what we see.

For example, we have seemingly magical use of cell phones and computers because technology taps invisible forces in back of the visible world.  This involves a lot more than just the 'web' and the 'cloud'.  I'm on the internet now, yet no wires connect me to anything.  In a minute I'll be talking on my cell phone, yet, again, no wires will connect me to anything.

The existence of these invisible forces does not prove that 'spirit' exists.  Maybe all it proves is that an invisible base to reality does exist.  But this is just the edge of what science knows, the edge of the invisibility.  Scientists have traced all of physical existence back to absolute nothingness.

That might be as close to proof as we who believe in things spiritual are going to get.  It is more than I ever expected to get.  You see, wise yogis and monks from Eastern cultures have found exactly the same thing as scientists from Western cultures.  Eastern yogis and monks have spent time within their own minds, tracing consciousness back to its source which they, too, describe as nothingness.

Now, Eastern yogis and monks don't typically talk 'spirit' either.  But I and other Westerner meditators have also gone to that edge of human consciousness.  The experience could be described as nothingness because it contains nothing of this universe.  I would also describe it as something, though, something spiritual.  There was love and joy and peace, beyond anything of this world, an experience purely spiritual.  


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