Tech Or Trust

I had a little tech scare this week.  And that, too, became fodder for thinking about science and spirituality.

Technology is all about science.  Without the discoveries of science we would have no tech in our lives.  As far as I'm concerned, the more tech I get, the happier I am.  But tech does make our lives more vulnerable.

This week I clicked on what I thought was a safe email and then learned it might have been phishing me.  On top of that, I couldn't be sure my password hadn't been hacked.

Now, I trust spirit in my life, and by that I mean Spirit.  I checked in with Spirit and I was pretty sure that I was safe.  But I took precautions anyway.  I downloaded security software and checked my Mac with it, and I changed the connected passwords.

Tech or trust works more like a balance to my way of thinking.  The best spiritual wisdom tells us this world is a dream.  I am working to make that dream less and less real to me so that I awaken.  However, until I do awaken, fully that is, I am still living in the dream and I do so sensibly.


Spirit And Technology

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