Waking Up From A Dream

Nowadays, people talk about 'waking up' when they first become aware that life is really spirit-based.  The experience is a lot like awakening from a deep, dream-filled sleep.  Of course, we don't instantly wake up.  If we did we wouldn't find ourselves here anymore.

Awakening to spirit, and especially awakening to Spirit which is not necessarily the same thing, is a process.  It can seem like we suddenly wake up when we first become aware of spirit, but for most of us it's more like we catch a glimpse of spirit, in fact more like we catch a glimpse of the edge of spirit.

We've been so deeply, almost hypnotically, asleep, and for so long, that we kind of snap awake a bit but then drowsily drift back to sleep.  For a long while, lifetimes even, we can drift back and forth, awaken a bit when triggered by something but lulled back to sleep by the daily habit of living human life.

The work of waking up is inner work.  It is as much about psychology as it is about spirituality, and both require work.  Yes, even the spiritual side of things is work.  And make note that spirituality is not religion nor is it new age belief.  Just like we'll talk more about psychology, we will also talk more about spirituality.

Awakening is all about consciousness---our personal consciousness and what we're doing with it.  Can you instantly let go of all your psychological baggage?  Do you even realize you're carrying psychological baggage?  Can you instantly snap awake to everything there is to know about spirit---and Spirit?

There are examples of the awakening process to follow.  Buddha and Jesus are two examples that immediately come to mind.  Their messages to us were about keeping our consciousness constantly focused on not being human and on being spirit and Spirit instead.

Jesus' message was to immerse our thinking in spirit and Spirit as a way of stretching our consciousness into wakefulness.  Buddha emphasized the need to steadily let go of the constant, hypnotic, addictive, pull of the habit of being human.  I've found both paths provide great guidance to awakening and can be worked together.

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