The Subconscious

Why worry about looking outward through our own consciousness and energy?  After all, it is 'spirit' which modern Western cultural thinking defines as spiritual and equates to something higher.  Well, the dumbing down process is the reason why.  What we sense in our everyday lives is just the edge of the something 'higher.'

It would be more accurate, and useful, to think of this edge of our 'spirituality' as a blend of lower consciousness and energy with human consciousness and physicality.  In other words, it is as much about being human as it is about being spirit, and it is 'lower' spirit on the spirit side rather than 'higher' Spirit.

As I've written this blog I've gone back and forth between spirituality and psychology.  That's really what we should be doing all the time.  After all, they are the warp and weft of life's weave.  We can't work with warp or weft alone.  We need to keep psychology in mind so you don't drift off somewhere you think is higher consciousness (Spirit) that really isn't.

Pretty much everything we think, do, and say is run by unconscious older choices stored just below the surface of our everyday thinking.  We aren't making new choices but are letting old choices automatically and habitually tell us what to think, do, and say.  We don't know we're doing this because it happens in the unconscious part of our minds.

Because this layer of unconscious territory lies just below the surface of our everyday conscious awareness, psychology calls it our subconscious.  This is territory that lies between our everyday awareness and the spiritual awareness that is our potential.

Our subconscious mind influences everything personal about being human and it causes many of the problems.  It is also the strongest influence on what we are capable of perceiving spiritually.  It clouds our spiritual perception unless and until we clear it.  Psychology can help us clear our perception.

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