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What links both our psychological or human aspect and our spiritual is consciousness.  On a very simple level consciousness is thinking, using the word 'thinking' to describe mental activity in general.  First, consciousness is what we are conscious of, or aware of, or noticing in any given moment of time.

There is always other information that we could notice instead, but we are not noticing any of that.  We are unaware or unconscious of it.  There is a vast amount of information we're not noticing in our immediate world at any given time and an even greater vastness in the rest of the world and the universe and so on.

For example, you now know that you are surrounded by spirit or energy.  You likely won't be currently conscious of it unless you specifically focus on it, but you are aware that it exists.  You are currently unconscious of it but its presence now lies within the realm of your potential consciousness.

You now also know that you yourself are energy or spirit.  This is your true essence, underlying your apparent physical existence.  But it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Lowercase spirit becomes uppercase Spirit and uppercase Spirit reaches all the way to the edge of 'God.'

It's all in there, inside you, already.  You just have to turn your focus in that direction and little by little learn to expand or stretch what you are conscious or aware of, or noticing.  You may be unconscious of all of this now, unaware, not paying attention, not noticing.  But that can change.  You can choose to change it and I have some good ideas to help and guide you.

So, second, while the word' consciousness' is used to describe our current state of awareness, it also means the total potential of our awareness.  You can choose to turn inward and strive to experience more and more of your own potential awareness.  It exists within your own mind---even if it begins as a glimpse, which it often does, even if it grows slowly and only in dribs and drabs, which is usually the case.

And, third, the word 'consciousness' is also a synonym for the word 'mind.'  Our human minds and their everyday awareness, like I said, are just the tip of the iceberg.  The iceberg itself is all the rest of our minds, the potential consciousness we could have.

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