The Fabric Of Being Human

This image is taken from Wikipedia,under Weaving.

This image is taken from Wikipedia,under Weaving.

These days I find it hard to separate psychology from spirituality.  The two are like the warp and weft in the fabric of being human.

Spirituality is about smartening back up after dumbing down into being human.  The dumbing down laid the warp of the fabric---the vertical lines.  Smartening up or waking back up to who (or what) we really are is like following the vertical lines back home.

It sounds pretty simple.  And in a way it is.  In any moment of time any one of us can catch a glimpse of home---of Spirit---along those lines.  What we can't seem to do is hold that glimpse.  Waking up seems to me to be more like a work in progress.  It progresses in phases.

Of course, there is much more to being human than dumbing down along lengths of warp.  We have spent a great deal of time being human beings, accumulating eons of cellular and genetic memory, and adding generations of cultural, racial, religious, and familial memory.

This is the weft in the fabric of being human---the horizontal lines.  When you look at the example of fabric weave below you will see that the weft weaves in and out of the warp, creating the fabric and holding the fabric together.  We can't simply travel back up the lines of warp.  We have to unweave the weft as we go.

On top of all that, we each also accumulate individual memory that is ours and ours alone.  We do this each lifetime and apparently take it with us lifetime after lifetime.  Millions upon millions of us are amazingly unique, comprised of personal patterning all our own.  This, too, is weft but in an endless variety of unique patterns.

Much of the general weft can be unwoven with education.  Our unconscious thinking can be made conscious and we can then make new choices about what is really real.  We can learn about our shared oneness, the stupidity of prejudice based on skin colour or belief, the commonality rather than opposition in religious story-telling and metaphor.

But the only way I know to unweave individual patterning is psychology.  Self-help psychology will usually do.  Spiritual work alone will not.  The warp is so intricately caught up by the weft, and even more so by individual detail, that the weaving of the fabric must pretty much be reversed.  But life does get better and better in the process of this unweaving.


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