Evolving Spiritually

We are spirit, dreaming we're human, and wondering about being spirit.  The dream of being human can be a wonderful journey, a huge adventure, bring great joy, but also be a nightmare sometimes.  The ultimate journey, and adventure, is awakening from human to spirit.

I have called my website and blog 'Human To Spirit' for these reasons.  First, over the course of my adult life, 45 years so far, I have learned that we humans are actually spirit.  We are spirit dreaming of being human.  Second, my personal life has become focused on awakening from human to spirit.  I keep learning, experimenting with what I learn, and working to awaken.  Third, my professional life has become focused on helping others also interested in awakening from human to spirit.  Sometimes I teach or tutor.  I am also a skilled intuitive, good at communicating from human to spirit, and back again, to pass on higher guidance.  I love using Tarot as a guidance tool in awakening.  Lately, I am also writing to share what I have learned about awakening from human to spirit.



Intuitive Readings

I offer intuitive readings by email to access spiritual guidance, using Tarot as a tool.  The process couldn't be simpler.  Ask any question by email, I will access higher guidance, and email a response back to you.  I can also read pertinent information about you via a photograph.  And we can follow-up by email if you have questions about your reading.


The Tarot is often used by psychics to predict what is going to happen in life.  But it makes an even better tool for gaining insight and understanding into our participation in creating what's going to happen in life.  I read Tarot not to predict because I believe this can be disempowering.  Instead, I read Tarot to offer insight and understanding.  I also teach others to read at this advanced level.


We are spirit dreaming of being human.  We sit on the edge of our minds thinking we are human, and thinking about our ongoing life.  But that ongoing life is really a dream, so we are creating it with every thought we think.  My blog is about waking back up to spirit, using the wisdom of psychology, generic spirituality, and science.


Wendy Blatta

Others call me a senior.  In older cultures I'd have been a wise elder, a wise and rebellious elder.  I learned to ride a motorcycle not that long ago.  At 63 I consider myself to be late middle-aged with lots of practical wisdom about how life works and why.  Most importantly, I'm on the road of awakening to spirit.

My whole life changed 25 or so years ago when I caught a glimpse of spirit.  I’d been educating myself in, and working with, psychology for 20 years prior.  This helped me let go of thinking like a human just enough to catch that glimpse.  It was only a glimpse but afterward all I wanted to do was awaken fully.  So, I’ve been educating myself in, and working with, generic spirituality from around the world ever since.  I’ve been educating myself in what science knows about spirit, too, and science these days knows a lot, and is rapidly learning more.  Within the process of awakening I’ve become intuitive.  Intuition has been described as a telephone line to God and I like that.  I glimpsed spirit as part of God, though not a God of any worldly religion.  There is no greater wisdom, nor more all-encompassing love.  So, I started using my intuition to help others also working to awaken.
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Wendy Blatta

For the first 20 years of my adult life I worked an office job gaining invaluable, practical life experience.  I then spent the next 20 years working as a spiritual intuitive, teaching and guiding others.  The backdrop has been 40 years of research in psychology, spirituality, and a little science. I call myself a spiritual intuitive and describe what I do as spiritual counselling.  It doesn’t matter if your beliefs are religious, new age, or generically spiritual, I can counsel you in spiritual growth based on highest guidance I tap intuitively.